At Goldarrow Technologies , we are deeply committed to delighting our customers with scalable solutions that sew all of the parts – Hardware and Software – to deliver the complete solution. We do this by complementing our world class software team with a Professional Services organization that engages early and throughout the lifecycle of a typical project with the following set of services:

Product Feasibility Analysis: How RFID technology can be used to enhance current operations .Based on the discussions and case analysis study . A ROI calculator, based on our extensive experience of RFID-based solutions is also prepared if required. A deeper understanding of the current Line-of-Business systems being used is also obtained.

Design Analsysis and Planning: To Prepare a detailed proposal with a phased approach and timelines to implementing the RFID solution. Typical deliverables also include the overall project plan, schedule, design document and overall functional and integration test plan.

Hardware Services
: Determine the hardware that will be used for testing and validation during the development phase (fixed, mobile, fork-lift and active RFID readers, tags and other hardware that are utilized as part of the overall solution). Assist in deploying and tuning hardware as needed for the deployment.

Project Management Cycle: Manage the project through its lifecycle while staying within budget and on schedule. Typical activities also involve working and co-coordinating with various stakeholders and cross-functional team to ensure smooth project execution and overall success in the project management.

Latest News

1) Tied up with OMKROWN TECHNOLOGIES for suppling the RFID cambo tag for jewellery management system.

2 ) Developing the high temparature ruggedized wi-fi tag for manufacturing industries.

3) Godarrow visited jeddah fpr implementing the Real Time Hospital Managem System.